Useless landscape. Video, 4’00’’, 2005. Watch video (30' | 7,07Mb). Download photo.
The camera tracks in and out the architectural complex formed by the buildings that face the sea in Avenida Vieira Souto and in other streets in Ipanema, showing the fences which merge into a single barrier. Then the film suddenly reverses, backtracks, and all the fences are removed.


Keep your distance. Interactive Installation, 2004. Watch video (30' | 4,63Mb). Download photo.
A lorry is projected on a screen. As the visitor comes closer, so does the lorry, and above its license plate one now can read: “Keep Your Distance”.

Eletronic Ginga. Interactive Installation, 2004. Watch video (30' | 4,02Mb). Download photo.
A virtual “capoeira” circle is projected into five screens. In between the screens, small openings provide the visitor with the opportunity to take part in the action.