Destrono. Video instalation in situ. 2007. Watch video (4,68Mb).
A big TV set in the room of the throne in front of the public would show
an inverted image of the throne, and simultaneously this public
contemplates the imperial throne at the side of the screen.

On the road. Instalação. Watch video (2,5Mb). Download photo.

Dancing around chairs. Video, 1'. With André Parente. 2007. Watch video (8,45Mb). Download photo.
A couple goes round and round two chairs. After some time, one after the other, the chairs are thrown out of the scenario. But still the couple goes on, walking in circles.

On the wall. With André Parente. Video, 1'. 2007. Watch video (8,45Mb).
The artist goes in and out of a frame on a wall.

Pouring. Video. 2007 Watch video (1'30'' | 4,63Mb). Download photo.
While taking a shower, a woman spins, spilling around the water that falls on her arms.

Chinese view. Video, 7’53’’. 2007 Watch vídeo (42' | 5,35Mb). Download photo.
Images of Beijing flow, seen from a cab window, interspersed with scenes from various Chinese television programs.

Mareando. Video’, 2007. Watch video (34' | 5,65Mb). Download photo.
A woman is sitting on the sand, facing the sea. The camera focuses on her back, surrounded by the ever changing rhythm of the waves.

For Elisa. Video, 5’08’’, 2007. Watch video (33' | 5,83Mb). Download photo
A young woman studies Ludwig Van Beethoven’s “Pür Elisa”. Every time she stops playing, the screen splits. Gradually, the resulting fragments form the keyboard of the piano.


Esfumato. Video, 3’30’’, 2006. Watch video (31' | 3,77Mb). Download photo.
The italian word sfumato means “the smoke way”. On this video there are lots of clouds
moving in and out of focus,  as if they were following the motions of a live painting.

Waves: A day of dappled seaborne clouds coming in from the sea. Video 1’ 10’’,2006.
Watch video
(35' | 4,83Mb). Download photo.
The word wave means, at the same time, a raising movement on the surface of the sea and the pulsating movement of energy. This work brings both meanings near, by means of an interactive installation.

Rio ready made. Vídeo, 2006. Watch video. Download photo.
The Sugar Loaf is seen through a spinning wheel. With this work we pay homage to Marcel Duchamp’s ready made The Bicycle Wheel (1913).

Desarvorando. Video-Installation, 1’20’’, 2006. Watch video (31' | 5,84Mb). Download photo.
A window frame is divided to form eight geometrical panels, through which trees are displayed. The movement of the trees on each frame of the image builds up shapes and forms in constant motion, creating an ever changing perception.